I impatiently wait for my brother to be done fiddling with the camera settings

Hello, I’m Tom – welcome to my home on the internet. I’m currently in the final stages of doing PhD in astronomy which has been great fun, but I’m now on the hunt for something new. I made this site mostly to host write-ups of projects that’s I’ve done for fun, which you can find here. Also on this site you’ll find a few miscellaneous things that I felt like recording somewhere – things like hiking journals and astronomy outreach talks.

If you’d like to get in touch, my email address is <my name> @ <my website>.




Two main reasons:

2) For you:

It’s pretty useful (hopefully) to have multiple projects I’ve worked on all in one place. If you’ve found anything of interest here, you might find some more. Plus it’s good personal branding or whatever.

1) For me:

I have had a few half-finished projects where I’ve dug into a topic, found the kernel of an answer, and abandoned it – curiosity satisfied, job done. Ditto re. trip reports, like the Hardangervidda set. To me, it feels like good practice to finish these projects properly, write them up, and actually present them somewhere. It encourages me to do more, and it’s fun – plus, it’s a much nicer personal record for myself to look back on than, say, a Python script and picture of a graph.